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Re: driveshafts

I don't know why they would be uncomfortable with the centre bearing set-up.
I had a driveshaft from my '79 Chev van balanced at a local shop. This shaft
was a two piece affair with a centre bearing and u-joint. The shop took it
apart, balanced each shaft individually, and re-assembled it. This solved a
driveline shudder I was experiencing under heavy acceleration at 40 - 50
mph. They did a much better job than I did with hose clamps in various
positions, although the hose clamps did prove it was a driveshaft balance
problem :o)

Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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> <<Most places I've called say they don't have the end flanges to set it up
>      When I tried to have Clinard's (Nashville, TN) do
> mine I got a similar story, but I was thinking that they
> felt uncomfortable with the center bearing setup.
>      I have a couple extra ones at the house if you need
> to do something about parts to get yours going, so let
> me know.
>      Later.
>      --ml