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Re: Bad Q day Update

I had an idea...it may be a little late, but...what
about a group of us listers lending a helping hand.
Fires are a mess to clean up, and what better people
to help find lost parts, etc... than q-listers. It
could turn a tragedy into something with a happy
ending. Just an idea, I don't remember where David is
located, but I think it would be fun. If it's near
Iowa, I'm there! 


--- David G <daveglu@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Today was quite a bit better than hoped, 
> My homeowners policy appears to have coverage for
> contents (up to apx $7k) other than vehicles even
> though they were not on my property. Still a small
> portion but something.  They even offered to front
> me some $$ to help with clean up.
> Didn't need to have the cops show up due to problems
> with the neighbors today either.
>  They indicate that they will activally persue
> collection from the liable parties and being that
> they will not cover vehicles ($15k to $18k) this
> does not interfeer with my ability to persue
> collections in other (unfortunatly legal) maners. 
> So they will be hit with the insurance co, me, and
> the property owner all wanting money.
>  Even got $55 from the recycler for various remains,
> well better than a $100 payout at the dump.
>  A small request for help, if someone who thinks
> that they have a good idea of many parts prices and
> some time would like to contact me I might need help
> placing a reasonable (high but not fraudulent) value
> on many of the parts I had.  Most 85 4kq, 89 200tq
> and rabbit. 
>   A good lesson here is to look into every corner as
> you might find something (or insurance coverage) you
> didn't know you had.


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