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Re: Aftermarket Steering Wheel?

>Exactly what did they say was wrong with it??  The "useful life" of the
>airbag has been upgraded to 15 years from the previous 10.  Who knows
>what they'll be saying when they hit 15 years?  Without any further
>clarifications and a precise reason why the airbag is no longer any good,
>I would not take them at their word on this one.

Couldn't you just simply disconnect the airbag??  Someone told me there are
two wires that you disconnect and the airbag is turned off.

Sometimes I get nervous with an esplosive device aimed at my head which I
have no idea of it's condition, but it has had the dealer recall about 2
years ago, so I am guessing there is nothing wrong with it.  Does anyone
know what the original problem was with the airbags?  I'd too like to know
why they go bad?  Is it just precautionary?

I wonder this, too. On my V8Q the light stays on longer than normal. When
the light is on, the car doesn't shift correctly. Once the light goes off,
everything is fine. Am taking it to dealer soon to have the recall done, as
it was not done by PO. Hope this takes care of problem, but if not, looking
for more answers. I mentioned this problem to the dealer and I could see the
weird looks I was getting over the phone!! I don't want to get the common
answer.. "you need a new airbag" and find out this isn't the problem.
Having the dealer in my area look for a problem like this scares me. I have
a real problem just getting the right parts.

Rex Pedersen
85 5ks
86 5ks wagon
87 5ksQ
90 V8q