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'86 5KCSTQ speedo intermittent? The FIX.


Here is the post I sent awhile back - 

Followup Speedometer/Instrument Guage Repair:

I fixed my speedometer on the '86 5000 CSQT ('87 was the same) 
following some great advice from (thanks!) Alan Cordieros:
"The problem is almost certainly in the solder joints that hold the pins
make the connection from the guage into the green flex circuit board on
the IC.

Pull the speedo guage out from the cluster, this takes a lot of disassembly,
but just careful work, no big deal. On the back you will see three or four 
pins that stick out and make the connection into the green flexible
circuit board on the main cluster assembly.
Resolder these pins' solder joints...."

I did this, and it fixed the problem.

I noticed that these connections were used to connect most/all of the guages
the instrument cluster, and so the fix would be applicable to tach, temp,

I was surpised at the cold solder appearance of these connections and 

BTW it was not very difficult, just take care with dissasembly/reassembly, 
especially when removing the gauge at the pins where they are connected.

Use a solder iron and wick to remove the old crusty solder and resolder with

proper rosin core and flux as nesessary - good as new.

Good Luck,

Ben Swann
'85 4KSQ
'86 5KCSQT
'87 5KCSQT Wagon