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Connecting Rod Bolts - 83 CGT / WE Engine

I tried sending this message 2x before, but apparently it never got to the 

I went to order connecting rod bolts today, and am not sure what ones to 
order.   The rods currently have bolts pressed into them which will need to 
be pressed back out to replace.  The family pictures list the following 

056 105 425 B
   Connecting Rod Bolt M9x1  - 10 required - for engines WN, WE, KE, KL

056 105 425 C
   Connecting Rod Bolt M9x1 Pressed in - X required (assuming this means 
replace as necessary)

048 105 425
   Connecting Rod Bolt Pressed in - Torque Angle Method - 10 required - for 
engines  JS, HP, JL, KX, KV, HY, SK, NG

Now I have a WE code engine.   However, the connecting rod bolts are pressed 
in.   And I thought you always used the torque angle method to tighten these 
bolts.  So...   Which P/N is the right one?

And to make it more interesting, on the side of the connecting rod next to 
one of the bolts are the raised letters "B/C"  So, are B and C the same 
bolt?  Or does C require pressing while B doesn't?



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