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Re: Clutch Pedal Replacement Advice--87 5ktq

Mike -

That's pretty weird: my clutch pedal broke at a tire shop, too! It was a
week after I had the very stiff clutch replaced, so I chalked it up to
that... but I do wonder if it would've lasted at least through my
cross-country trip if not for the monkey lads.

Linda did me a big favor by checking inventory all across the country
and finding the shops that supposedly had pedals. I had to call quite a
few before finding one that really had the pedal in stock, but I did,
for about $100.

Between this and the loose change sound you were having earlier, it's
hard not to be suspicious of your clutch itself... but I hope you won't
have to replace it anytime soon. Good luck with the repair.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 160k