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Clutch Pedal update and still seeking R&R advice

Confirmed last night it is indeed the clutch pedal that is broke...broke off 
at the angled portion where the MC fork connects. Pedal action was nice and 
light prior, MC is only 10 months old, I am hoping all should be well for now 
by simply replacing the pedal.

Huge thanks go to Santa Cruz VW (who handle Audi parts) I am getting the part 
expedited from VW/Audi despite their doing inventory. SC VW is even price 
matching Carlsen (very close anyway). (Didi told me she couldn't get it drop 
shipped and to try SC VW...). 

SC area listers, I am working on getting us a "q-lister" discount, like we 
enjoy at Carlsen, at SC VW. Update with contact info to follow...

The pedal is the later version. I am not 100% clear how to get the sucker off 
still. Any additional BTDT help will be greatly appreciated. My hope is that 
I can do this without removing the pedal box itself. EKTA drawings are the 
same for all years. According to Didi, the changeover was mid-86 model year 
(from stamped to cast pedal and pedal box). Book-o-Bentley does show a 
picture of the later version (in the brake section only, not the clutch 
section...good editing there). In that exploded drawing it looks like the 
clutch pedal comes off without having to remove the pedal box (shaft on the 
box itself, clip at the pedal end). I also need to know what may work to 
retain the over-center spring without the special tool? Will vice-grips fit 
in there???? C-Clamp? TIA for any and all help ya'll can offer.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq...still stranded with fresh rubber waiting for a road trip!