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RE: 5000cstq clutch replacement snag

The main reason for pulling the slave is to keep the hydraulic circuit
intact.  Since you're already resigned to replacing the slave cylinder go
ahead and leave it in there and disconnect the flexible hydraulic line that
goes to the slave.  Once the circuit is open it will tend to drain from the
brake fluid cylinder unless you depress the clutch in the car.  The over
center return spring will hold the clutch pedal down and stop the fluid flow
from the reservoir.  I'd recommend that you replace the flexible clutch hose
when you put everything back together.  

Don't worry about the fact that the slave is stuck ... it is a cast iron
piece that fits tightly into an alloy bell housing, so there is probably
some galvanic action that has made the two inseparable ... for now.  Once
you get the transaxle out you'll be able to squirt some penetrating oil on
the bore ... let it sit on there then rock the slave side to side as far as
it can go ... eventually you'll be able to back it out.  You may find that
something else has failed inside the bellhousing, but there isn't much
wanything in there can do to lock the slave cylinder in place!  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)