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Re: 90q20v FS cheap!

I didn't know 90's had bombs.  I thought it was just the Type 44's.

Guess I was wrong?


"Erik Addy" <erik@aero.und.edu> wrote:
> This is being posted for a friend of my fiance.
> Last fall she approached me because she liked my fiance's
> 4000q she wanted an Audi to replaced her POS '80s honda
> that got wrecked.  Given her buget I started looking for
> a 90q, and she ended up getting a '91 90q 20v.
> She purchased it from list member John Bauer, who purchased
> it from a qclub member who's wife had been driving it.
> Both John and the PO had the car maintained by Anderson
> Motorsport (best shop in MN).  She moved to AZ, and I told
> her to let me know where she was moving so I could ask the
> q-list to recomend a decent shop.  Well, she didn't, and
> took the car to the dealer when it stopped runing one day.
> About $900 later she came out with a new cat converter,
> fuel filter, and some ignition parts (coil?), what a rip.
> A few weeks later the brake light came on (which I told her 
> would happen as the bomb was going south when she bought it).
> Again she went to the dealer who told her she needed a new 
> bomb now (true), and the rack "would need to be replaced sometime
> in the future" (_possibly_ true), and the total cost would be 
> $2500 (outrageous, we are talking $500 in parts for us q-listers).
> Anyway, against my recomendation, she wants to dump the car.
> It is black on grey (or was it tan?) leather, 1991 with somewhere
> around 168M.  Manual seats, manual climate control, 14" BBS-style
> wheels, cold weather package.  One of the PO's is a high-end stereo
> distributor, and installed a Eclipse CD head unit, a tube-type sub 
> in the trunk, and a poweramp.  I don't know what brand poweramp or 
> speekers were used.  Car has been _very_ well maintained and had a new
> clutch and radiatior fan (by And. Msport) shortly before she bought
> it.  Redline in the tranny, blah blah, blah.  
> Also has had several, if not all, of the fuel injectors replaced.
> Basicly, it is a very nice car, all records (good), that just needs
> a new bomb (and _possibly_ a rack, I wouldn't do that until I've
> replaced the bomb and see if it really is leeking at any significant
> rate). 
> She wants $5500, which is over a grand less than she paid 9mo
> ago before at least one new injector and the new cat/ignition stuff.
> I'd take it, but 90's with sunroofs don't have enough headroom for me.
> Car is in Scottsdale, AZ, and she can be emailed at JGNiemiec@aol.com
> or called at home 480.946.8326 (her name is Jessica).  Don't try to 
> lowball her or I'll go buy it and sell it myself!
> Erik Addy
> erik@aero.und.edu
> 701.787.0450
> 89 200tq       PP-ASEL (soon Comm-MSEL-IR)
> 85 4000q       SPC-4, NDANG, formerly USMCR
> QCUSA