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RE: URQ head value

Anand Dhanda decided to speak these words:

>Excuse the calculation error, but isn't that in the neighborhood of $700 or
>so dollars?????? With out shipping?!?!?

Somewhere around there, i know that i could get an exchange head from my 
dealership (my cost though, dont know about you guys' cost) at about 400 
bucks....Although, i have heard that there are some problems with the 
exchange heads...i dunno.....


Michael Sheridan Williams
San Francisco, CA
ICQ# 11740998
1983 UrQuattro, MC--1.8 BAR, borla, 2B Coilover/Koni Yellows, Delrin 
Bushings f/r, 16x7.5 OZ Mito's w/ Yoko A520's, Cibie H4/H1's, K&N (blah)
1985 4000S Quattro, Koni Yellows/Coilover (2B), strut brace, Sport 8000 
Tires, K&N