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Re: 5000cstq clutch replacement snag

Sounds like your release bearing failed, Doug.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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From: "Douglas M. McCarty" <mccarty@med.unc.edu>
To: <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 1999 8:44 PM
Subject: 5000cstq clutch replacement snag

> I've been lurking on this list for months now, picking up a lot of
> useful information and usually finding what I need without having to
> post a message. This clutch job is a little overwhelming though and I'm
> running into problems at almost every step. The most serious snag now is
> that I can't get the slave cylinder out. I drove out the roll pin (only
> after modifying a pin punch by turning down the end to locate it in the
> pin) but I still can't move it. I did manage to break off the bleeder
> screw by trying to drive the slave out with a pipe and hammer from the
> engine compartment. This is not a big problem since I already have a new
> slave cylinder to replace it.
> Has anyone seen this problem before? I'm particularly worried that I
> won't be able to separate the bell housing and transmission from the
> engine with this thing in there, though I haven't gotten that far yet.
> My own theory is that the rod from the slave cylinder has slid past the
> release lever and gotten jammed there. I have tried working the clutch
> pedal to push out the cylinder but it doesnąt budge. Any ideas?
> The clutch breakdown was amazingly abrupt. I heard a high pitch
> whirring-buzzing sound when the clutch pedal was pushed fully to the
> floor for two days prior to the event. Still, shifting was smooth and
> there was no problem in take-up, and no slipping. When I pulled out of
> our driveway on the third day, the clutch pedal felt like it broke loose
> from something and then no more clutch action. The pedal does still come
> back up but cannot be pushed down very far with reasonable force.
> Anyway, my current plan is to continue to disassemble and see if I can
> pull the transmission off. That is, unless anyone has a better idea.
> I have been watching Gisli's slipping clutch thread with deep concern. I
> know the prospect of tearing this down again would be pretty sickening.
> If I have any new insight while I'm in there I will definitely pass it
> on. As far as the question of refacing the flywheel goes though, my
> understanding from the manual is that the 5000s have a taper-cut
> flywheel that cannot be re-cut.
> Anyway, this list has been a great resource for me and a real pleasure
> to read through. I can't tell you'all how much it is appreciated.
> TIA Doug, 1988 5000cstq