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Re: Coolant Kaboom, Need Help

Hi Alexander;

    You should mix the coolant with water in the proper ratio before adding
it to the engine to ensure it is well mixed. AFAIK, pure coolant has a
higher freezing point and lower boiling point than the coolant/water mix.
    The coolant boiled somewhere in the engine - that's what spewed it all
over your floor. When you shut off the engine, the coolant stopped
circulating and absorbed enough heat to boil - that's why the cap is there,
to pressurize the system and increase the boiling point of the coolant.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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Subject: Coolant Kaboom, Need Help

>     Finally got my act together and changed the thermostat and coolant.  I
> got a fluid kit from Blau and it had 2x 1.5L bottle of Pentosin coolant,
> blue to my amazement.  I drained the whole system, heat on, draied all
> hoses, and everything possible.  I noticed the proper mixture for my 80 is
> 3.5L coolant and 3.5L water.  I only had 3.0L coolant, no biggie just a
> little more water, a little less protection.  I filled her up with all the
> coolant and then proceded to fill with water.  Only got 2/3 through 4L
> bottle of water, figured the it would level out and I could fill after the
> engine was running.  Started her up and waited, finally started to flow,
> everything seemed fine, waiting for fans, and I notice the fluid is up
> against the cap.  So I slowly loosened the cap and I got a little fluid
> dribble.  Left the cap off to see what will happen.  Nothing more, but
> add extra water, confusing?  Fans come on, all is well, turn off engine
> without cap on and kabooom, fluid all over garage floor.  Doooh!
>     After cleaning up I moved the car outside and closed up the garage so
> the animals can't drink the deadly.  Why can't I finish filling the tank
> the proper amount?  What is causing the overflowing as well?  First time I
> have done the coolant, what did I mess up?
> Thanks!
> Alexander van Gerbig
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