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Re: Lousy AM band reception

My '90 200q with Bose system is doing EXACTLY the same thing - right down to
also having no sound in left front.  Only difference is mine has no speakers
in dash, but left door speaker is making no sound.  Did you happen to listen
to the FM at all?  My FM reception, while not nearly as poor as the AM, is
not what it should be.  I have no idea what the problem is, but I'll be
trying to troubleshoot mine this weekend also, so if I learn anything I'll
let you know.

Tony Fordham
Grand Haven, MI
90 200Q

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Sent: Thursday, October 28, 1999 8:56 PM
Subject: Lousy AM band reception

> Hello list,
> I was able to drive the wife's V8 to work today (so I could install a new
> sensor at lunch) and noticed horrible reception in the AM band.  The
> is a factory Bose system with a windshield mounted antenna.  Sounded like
> "white noise" that changed frequency with the engine RPM.  Aside from
> checking grounds, which I will do this weekend, are there any other
> culprits I should look for?  Additionally, the speaker in the dash on the
> left side is not producing sound.  Are the two related?
> Once again, thanks in advance,
> Gil Bourcier
> Columbia, MD USA
> 87 4kcsq - 86k mi.
> 90 V8Q - 128k mi.