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Re: speaking of gps

	thanks for the detailed reply!

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Phil Payne wrote:

]John Robinson's S4 has it.  It's a little cumbersome to use, but very
]effective once you've mastered it.

	i have seen the interface for the system in an a8 in
	the showroom.  i imagine it woul dbe a bit clunky to
	use, there seemed to be only about 5 buttons on it.

]Here's the tricky bit.  It has a _strong_ preference, in the UK, for
]motorways.  Now - the reason most of us buy Audi's performance quattros
]is to be able to make rapid progress on _all_ types of road.  John had
]to go to Manchester recently, and the car produced a motorway-only route.

	motorways = freeways, yes?  "dual carriageways" as i seem 
	to remember seeing as i traveled from london to surrey and
	on to dorset back in 1986...

]Locals here will know (John lives just south of Nottingham) that this
]wasn't an ideal solution.  But he took it just to see.  On the way back,
]he came down the (non-motorway) A50 - one of the better of England's
]new roads.  Two days later, he had to go to Manchester again and checked
]out what the car thought.  It instantly plotted a route using - the A50.
]So it learns.  It also has some other intriguing habits.  The driveway
]into the car park at the Area E meeting is long enough for the GPS to
]realise he isn't on a road any more - just as he passes the back of
]the pub a voice says: "Dead end.  Turn round."

	learning routes, now THAT is cool.  i'm glad, too, since i
	am shelling out $1200 for it.

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