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RE:RE: TT recall - isn't this a Haldex-type thread?

Our "trained scientist" Phil Payne writes:
>So 'spider bite' is now caused by press releases?  As plausible as
>anything else I've heard here ...-- Phil Payne

Some of us would look at that plogisticate and present the opposite view:  So 
'spider bite' is now CURED by non documented alignments?  As implausible as 
anything else I've heard here - Scott Justusson

I haven't heard a "no" to the "spider bite described" post.  I'd appreciate a 
'trained scientist's analysis.  The presentation of "alignment" experiments 
without any pre or post data not withstanding.  Or you could just drop it.

Thanks for continually clarifying your position Phil, it really *isn't* 

Scott J