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Re: speaking of gps

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Phil Payne wrote:

]Yup.  You press n times to get the first letter of the town you want,
]then n times for the second letter, then ...

	that is beyond clunky.  unbearably klunky.  what a klude.
	anyone ever program alpha stuff into a cell fone?  *much*
	easier, and you can do it pretty easily and quick.

	well, does the system at least read out gps coordinates
	when queried?  can you load it with gps coordinates instead
	of a city name?

]Dual carriageways are not motorways - the A50 in my example is a dual
]carriageway.  There are no direct equivalents in Germany - once they
]lay a road out to that standard they make it an Autobahn.  Not sure
]what the US equivalent is - expressways?  Whatever - as shipped, it
]knows about them but doesn't like using them.

	probably akin to expressways.  freeways have no cross-traffic
	or intersections, highways and expressways do.  not really
	an issue, though.

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