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Re: Engine cleaning tips

What might be miserable are all the failure modes that you might
experience as a result of the clean (esp. pressure cleaning). let it be
gunky and you'll be happier. The cooling system can more than account for
the heat that the gunk insulates in. 

I've been through the whole "a happy engine is a clean one". Not true when
your oil pressure senders fail and squirt oil verywhere, all of the
electrical senders are giving false warning, corrosion. Think of it like
this: grease and grime acts as antisieze.

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On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Matt Rooke wrote:

> >Any pointers?
> Best would be a high-pressure steam clean, my mech. did this once for me.
> But I just cleaned the V6 in the pickup using the spray-on foam and
> the garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle.  Worked pretty well.
> Put a baggie over the distributor and the coil, I've never had any
> problems when I've done this.
> And it is not just a vanity thing- working on a clean engine is not
> nearly as miserable.
> Matt Rooke
> '91cq