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RE: Coolant autocheck

Nate, I was getting the red exclamation brake warning light all the time
and someone suggested unplug each component that could cause this and
you will find your problem. Lo and behold I found out that my hydraulic
fluid switch is not working - no big deal.  I would suggest you unplug
the fluid level sensor on the reservoir and see if you get the light.
If so you know that's the problem.  Then move on to the temp sensors,
etc.  good luck

Stephane Livolsi
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'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

>From: 	Nate Stuart[SMTP:nathan.stuart@maine.edu]
>Sent: 	October 28, 1999 9:20 PM
>To: 	Quattro List
>Subject: 	Coolant autocheck
>Started displaying the coolant symbol constantly while driving. Does this do
>anything more that simply tell you that the fluid is low in the reservoir? I
>may have broken a wire when I was doing an unscheduled radiator swap the
>other day. The warning light never came on for the first day and a half,
>then as I was leaving work today it came on within a minute of driving and
>stays on constantly now, what gives?? There is plenty of coolant in the
>reservoir and the car isn't even close to overheating.
>Can anyone tell me if the switch that senses the coolant level is N.O. or
>N.C. b/c if its N.O. then I wouldn't have the error with a broken wire....
>'87 5kcstq
>BTW if your rad. is even starting to show signs of age (crumbling in your
>fingers as mine was) replace it NOW! I went through two days of audi hell
>before I finally could change it, even then I could only put a 'better' used
>one in. Grrrrrr, college is killin' me, and my car..... :-(