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Re: tires + auto-trans questions, audispotting

>1. After being reminded by the "compared with a 5k automatic,
>it's bulletproof" sort of comments, I'm wondering about
>the replacement of ATF and diff. oil (and AT filter cleaning?)
>on my '84 5kS. I've owned the car for a little more than a
>year and maybe 4000 miles now. While there may be some
>systems that one wouldn't want to open up to change fluids
>until it's really necessary, there is no argument against
>having both diff and AT drained and refilled, is there?

The diff fluid can be sucked out the speedo cable hole.

The trans fluid can be sucked out the dipstick hole.

Saves a _big_ mess,, esp. if you do the trans several times to get more
fluid changed.

Stephen Bigelow
'84 5000s
IBO # 823967