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Re: Engine cleaning tips

Don't forget, most of the engine is electronic. It's hard to wrap little
bags around every connection and sensor. My 10 5cylinders, by comparison
are not as sophisticated as the newer breed, but are enough to become
unreliable after a washing.

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On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Ti Kan wrote:

> Mark L. Chang writes:
> > Nothing needs to go over the plugs and all them reservoirs?  Maybe I'll
> > take it to a steam-cleaner place.
> I use "Gunk" engine degreaser available from just about any auto
> parts store.  Wrap a plastic bag around the distributor, alternator,
> and anything electronic...  Spray on the Gunk, wait a few minutes,
> then hose away.  Make sure the engine is not hot when you do this.
> Works just great.
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