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Re: Coolant Kaboom, Need Help

Hi Alexander;

    Kneale has hit the nail on the head - you can never completely drain the
coolant from the engine. As he has pointed out, driving your car will mix
the coolant with water and you can then check and adjust the mixture.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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> The listed capacity for the engine/cooling system is based upon beginning
> with a totally dry system, Alexander.  It's nearly impossible to get all
> the fluid out of the system through draining.  It's always best to mix
> antifreeze and water before pouring it in because you may not get it mixed
> appropriately in the initial warm-up, so you do not achieve the correct
> boiling point.  If you can't get all your premixed coolant into the
> then you have a supply available for topping up if needed later.   In your
> case now, it probably is all right to drive the car and check for
> antifreeze protection level next week.  We're unlikely to get to a
> dangerous freezing temperature before then.
> Kneale Brownson
> At 11:11 PM 10/28/99 -0400, Alexander van Gerbig wrote:
> >    So what do I do?  All I have is water, all the coolant was in the
> >system.  So should I drain and mix then reuse?  I had to run the car for
> >15-20 minutes before the fans came on so wouldn't that mix everything up
> >before I shut off the engine?
> >    The question still is why couldn't I get more water in there?  I
> >everything!  Then the system only took 6 liters of mixture, not 7 as
> >in the books?  I am just going to add water and drive around.  See what
> >temp gauge does, pop the hood after the drive, look at the tank and see
> >happens.  Get the little litmus testing strips and see what the
> >can handle.  Sound good to all the folks in Quattro land?
> >
> >Thanks!
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