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Bose system help - '90 200 QT

Ok, will somebody PLEASE tell me how to get the drivers kick panel off?  I have no sound from drivers door speaker and I found a broken cable in the rubber boot between door and jamb.  It is a white wire and a blue wire surrounded by a braided ground/shield which is in turn surround by a black jacket.  Trouble is, I can't find the upstream end of it, looks like it probably got pushed back into the car behind the kick panel.  So PLEASE, how do I get this blasted kick panel off - if I do my way I will probably trash it.
I'm just about decided to scrap this damn Bose system anyway.  I'm have the radio reception problems that I've seen a few others post and I checked out the antenna amplifier in the rear pillar and it seems to work have power to it.  Also tried swapping antenna leads on the back of the head unit, which only led to zero reception.
I have a complete minidisk system that I will be taking out of my girlfriend's old car soon, and it sounds much better than this screwy Audi/Bose setup.  I'm was just trying to get the Bose system going so I could put in the minidisk sys. later at a more convenient time.  But it's starting to look like it's not worth it, as it seems to be almost as much work getting this thing squared away as it would be to put in the new one.
Thanks in advance,
Tony Fordham
'90 200QT
'91 Chevy Silverado Z71