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Re: Castrol superclean damages

In a message dated 10/29/99 7:55:35 PM Central Daylight Time, 
sbabbar@iris.nyit.edu writes:

 I recommend NOT using super clean on any surface made of aluminum or
 coated items. Further, it is not as non toxic as people may think (usually
 people associate toxicity with volatility).
 Super clean is made from sodium hydroxide, NaOH. This is a very strong
 base, despite some dilution. I use sodium hydroxide as an etchant for
 aluminum pieces in preparation for plating and anodization. Very harsh on
 aluminum. Red Devil drain opener has this base, but in powdered form.
 Heats up on contact with water. If anyone wants to experiment, make a
 solution of Red Devil and water, insert an empty soda can. Come back 1/2
 hour later.
 NaOH will remove any type of color and hard anodization. You can use it
 for a few minutes, but do ya wanna take a chance? I took a chance on my
 very expensive mountain bike's very expensive hard anodized chainrings.
 Faded the anodization and the teeth are wearing fast. Some have
 recommended this stuff for intercoolers and radiators. Very bad. Use
 Simple green or a petroleum based cleaner/solvent. >>

Super clean is great for cleaning very dirty leather or cloth but beware 
after awhile the tanning.Color will be removed. And don't breath the stuff 
very nasty.