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Re: Prog. wiper relay

I pulled one from a '96 VW Golf about a year ago and installed it in my '92
100S. It has worked like a charm ever since. I think I paid like $2 for it
at the boneyard. The PN is 1HM 955 531A. HTH.

'92 100S (85k)

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Subject: Re: Prog. wiper relay

> > I got one from Wolfsport (www.wolfsport.com) a year or so ago- maybe
> > still have some stock.  You can find the p/n and some more info on the
> > page- http://www.20v.org/20v/wiper.htm
> Mine came from "The Recycled Rabbit" about 13 years ago, I just move it
> from car to car.  If anyone wants I can pull it and identify its mfr,
> p/n, etc.
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