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Bentley sale ends. LAST CALL!!!

Good evening, or morning if you're not up late. If there remains anyone
out there that still wishes to get in on the book sale, or someone to
whom I've not replied, or anyone who has not sent me a confirmation, let
me know NOW. I'm coordinating all those little pieces of paper and all
those accumulated e-mails and I'm turning in the list on Monday morning.
I've got to learn how to do this sort of thing on a database rather than
bits of paper. I'm at work tomorrow and the computer there is just
sitting there, waiting to hear from you. Listers in Canada have a source
there who is able to offer similar prices, avoiding the hassles involved
in shipping across the border. Brian and Pam Harrison can be reached at:
<roseland@ns.sympatico.ca> They're set up to do this on a regular basis.
Thanks for your time, John