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RE: Engine cleaning tips

When my engine is clean and dry, I usually empty one or two cans of silicone
spray on to EVERYTHING under the hood.  Makes it slightly more likely to
attract light dirt, but REALLY protects the metal from corrosion.  And the
next cleaning takes the dirt off easily, and the engine compartment looks
nearly new!

After 12 years of this, my 88 80q looks no more than a year or two old under
the hood.

I would not hose a warm engine, BTW.  I have an outside water spigot plumbed
to two cut-offs, one cold water and one hot water.  I use hot water on a
cold engine.


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From: 	Fred Munro [mailto:munrof@isys.ca] 
Sent:	Saturday, October 30, 1999 7:58 AM
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    I hose down my engine every spring to wash off the winter accumulation
of salt and road sand. I've never had a problem with either the '86 5ktq,
the '91 200q, or the '94 S4 (which I hosed down last week to remove 5
winters worth of sand).
    I run the engine until it is just warm (about 2 minutes or so) and hose
away, being careful to avoid the alternator, distributor, etc. I let it sit
with the hood up for a couple of hours and fire it up. I've never had a
problem with poor running, wet connectors, or electrical or electronic

Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km