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differences between '86-'88 5kT, and '89-'91 200T??

i have found a '89 200T (at, black leather sport int. around 100k mi) for a 
good price, and wonder how much different it is from my '86 5kT (also at, 
black leather sport int, around 100k mi, in great shape, with alot of new 
parts)  from obvious changes like the different dash layout, different 
doorhandles, different doorpanels, and other minor stuff, is the '89 200T 
basically the same as the '86 5kT??  i have been told the turbocharger is 
different between the '86 MC engine and the '89 MC engine, and some of the 
'89's have the airbag. what other mechanical differences/improvements are 
there? is the auto tranny basically the same? would it be worth moving from 
my '86 to the '89??  
thanks for any input.

'86 5kt at
'86 5kTQ for sale