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Strut Removal Tool ?

Hi Bob,

Yes, the 2069 is a very deep socket, 1/2 drive.  Don't know if it's 22mm.  I
got mine at Assenmacher Specialty Tools, 6440 Odell Place, Boulder, CO
80301.  Be aware that I bought mine over the phone about 15 years ago, so
addresses might have changed.  Schley Products, 5350 E. Hunter Avenue,
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807;;(714)693-7666 might also have it, but they don't
list it in the little catalog I've got.

Use the search mechanisms such as those found on infoseek and yahoo to (a)
look for the companies, and (b) look for the actual tool itself, can't hurt.
Also, look at resources on the quattro web site;  there are some good ones
there that might give you a lead if they don't actually have the 2069.

As far as using a crowfoot socket.  I don't think you can go in from the
top, but you might be able to insert the socket at the Boge nut level and
put a rachet extension in from the top, but you'll definitely have trouble
getting leverage that way.

BTW, _very_carefully_ mark the position of the (3) nuts holding the strut to
the plate and return them to the same spot afterward.  That is the front end


<bobbie@kcdm.org> wrote:
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 15:15:53 -1000
From: Robert Turlington <bobbie@kcdm.org>
Subject: Strut Removal Tool ?

So I'm planning on replacing the front struts on my 89 100 this weekend.
After going through the archives and reading the replies I got (thanx
everyone!), it would seem that its a pretty simple job.

I got one question about the special tool though (the Bentley calls it tool
2069).  Is it just a 22mm deeeeeeeeppp socket?  Someone in the archives
said they just used crowfoot wrenches.  Does anyone have experience in
doing this job w/o the special tool?  I've looked everywhere and haven't
been able to find it.  And getting to a dealer requires that I buy a plane

Thanks a lot everyone...

Bob Turlington
1989 100
1988 80
1986 4000 (parting out)