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No Subject

Hello everybody!
I am addressing you in hope to get your advice on the following.
Currently, I own the vintage motorcycle DKW:
Fabrifnummer des Fahrgeftells    H6893i
Nubraum der mafchine in ccm    245
Nummer der Machine                8868M
Please, excuse me for possible grammar errors, its passport is dated November, 29, 1938, and letters are in German gothic alphabet, so I might be wrong in some places.
Its date of production is March, 31, 1933.
I have all papers for it.
The motorcycle is 99% original details, working and good condition.
I am interested in selling the machine.
Can anybody advise me on how I can do it the best way?
I would appreciate any advice and maybe help in my question.
For further information please reach me by e-mail: andrew@mksat.net
                                phone: +38-0512-352673
                                fax: +38-0512-369348
I speak English.
Thank you,
Mikhail Maly