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Re: let it snow!

As I recall 195-65-15 are the same diam as 205-60-15....so your tires
are a bit small and your speedo should read a bit low.


"Livolsi, Stephane" wrote:
> Switched the Eagle GT's over to studded Hankook winters today and did my
> snow dance.... still waiting for the results.
> I have gone from 205/60/15 summers to 195/60/15 winters and was
> wondering if anyone knows, preferably for sure, what I can expect from
> my speedo?  Will it show a higher speed than actually traveling, or
> lower? Is the size difference small enough to not make any difference?
> If I'm going to make a contribution to the Revenue Collecting Mounted
> Police, I want it to be for triple digit speeds, not a fraction over the
> limit due to changing tire size.
> Eagerly awaiting the white stuff
> Stephane Livolsi
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