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Audis in Philly


I'm not exactly what you're looking for, but I'm close. My girlfriend lives
in Philly, and I'm about to sell a 4000 csq.

I have a few comments about the 5000 - this is just from my experience.
Other listers who disagree, I'd love to hear your perspectives.

1) the turbo lag is hideous. If the car had the same power in a non-turbo
engine, it would probably do 0-60 in 6 sec. As it is, it's probably 9 sec.
unless you just keep it floored the whole time, which is obviously really
bad for the engine

2) 5000 series are very problem prone. I've heard many other complaints to
this effect, but what sealed it for me was this: I test drove a 5000 cstq
wagon last winter, and the guy had full maintenence records. The car had
130k mi on it, and it had averaged $5,000 worth of repairs every 10,000 mi
consistantly from day one, through the warranty period, and on through
until it's current mileage. All kinds of things wrong - failed electric
mirros, failed water pumps, faulty exhuast - I can't even remember it all.
Many of the problems were repeats - things fixed under warranty, and then
had to be fixed again at 60k mi or 80k mi, etc. If  I was the guy, I think
I would have burnt the service records. But at least he was honest. Perhaps
he thought that people are impressed when you have full service records,
but no one actually reads them all. Well, I did.

3) The 4000 is a GREAT car - very much NOT problem prone. Very stable, and
surprisingly fast, due to being much lighter than the 5000 even though it
doesn't come in a turbo. Mine's white, w/ 150k mi. I'm asking $3k for it
Let me know if you're interested. I'm selling b/c I just bought a '00 S4.