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Sticky Brake Problem

Over the last week I have monitored the level of brake
fluid in my 88 80Q. I added some fluid to the existing
level which more or less has been the same over the
last ten months when I got the car. The brake warning
light is gone but I will occasionally find the rear brake
lights on, especially when the car has been used for
less than 15 minutes. Tapping the brake pedal will 
cause the lights to go off. 

Someone suggested to me that I could adjust the brake
pedal switch. However I have no clue on how to go about
this. If someone has an idea please let me know. 

The brake fluid cap was gone when I bought the car 10 
months ago, I covered it when I got the car. It had the sieve
in place though. However I am wondering if this could be
the symptoms of a failing brake master cylinder. The car
had the same symptoms then but it was diagnosed as
being the switch. The only difference being that the brake
pedal traveled all the way to the ground. 

Sometimes it feels as though the rear brakes are holding 
as the car tries to move forward, again usually this is when
I have just started the car and the engine is still cold (don't
know if there is a relation). The brake lights are usually on
then and I usually solve this by driving around and after a 
little bit of using the pedal, the brakes will work fine and the
lights will go off at the right time. Any ideas would be very 
much appreciated. 

I also checked as suggested that I check my PS steering 
fluid level, it was at the full mark and there didn't seem to be 
a link in this model unlike other models. Thanks 

Mike Theuri
88 80Q 164K