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Re: MAC11 code 2111

In message <0.27911b9e.254dde39@aol.com> DaveNcj@aol.com writes:

> Forgive me please.   My first time dickering w/ a 5kt... no start, and
> following Haynes' system check process, it seems the ECU is bad.  Pulled the
> code (simple enough procedure) and got 2111 (RPM circuit?).  No other codes
> (next code reached by rebridging the relay).  I'm becoming pretty familiar
> with the wiring in this car, and have nothing jumping out in the RPM ciruit.
> Is it just telling me the damn thing isn't running?

Yup.  If you're doing the 'no start' ECU diagnostics, ignore 2111.

It's meaningless.

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