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rally video w/Michele + Sport q

Greetings all,

I have a shoddy copy of a copy of an 80's video intended as an introduction to rallying.  This would be unremarkable except for the stars of the video:

Michele Mouton and Markku Alen!

Though its not Audi-specific, most action shots are of a sport quattro, flying across deserts, sliding gracefully over snow covered turns, etc.  There are interviews with Michele, more action shots, in car shots.  

Unfortunately, the copy I have is incomlete.  It cuts off with a scene of a VW GTi being eaten for lunch on gravel by the sport q.

Do you have a complete copy of this film?  Would you like to have a 'archival copy' stored safely offsite for y2k?
I'll pay shipping + cost of media.


Seattle, Wa
'86 4000cs quattro

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