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Re: 4000/5000/VW Syncro

ti@amb.org (Ti Kan) wrote:
> Mark Hahn writes:
> >   Being new to a 5sp Quattro ('87), am I right in understanding that the
> > 4000/5000, and VW Syncro 5speed Trannies are all the same.
> The 4K and 5K quattro models and the Quantum Syncro all use the same
> type 016 transmission.  However the gear ratios may differ.

Prior to reading this, I was under the impression that the 4k and 5k 
quattro trannies were different on the outside, as far as mounting 
and stuff went.

If not, does anyone know if there is any reason to use either the 
5ktq tranny, or parts of it, in a 4ktq conversion?

I was told by a lister that the 5k series has a sloppier shifter than 
the 4k's do.  This was in response to my comment criticizing the 
shifter on my '88 5kcstq.