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Hello !


I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is John DePietro.  I'm new to the list and I
have recently purchased a 1999 Audi A8 Quattro.  I'm a refugee from the BMW digest.
The Audi A8 is awesome and I'm very pleased with it's design, workmanship and
performance.    I also like to dabble in performance engine building and tuning.  I'm
currently working on a stroker 6.5 liter engine for the Porsche 928 to compete in GT1
racing.   I wont be messing with the A8 for a while but I'll be keeping my eye out
for some sort of low weight turbo Audi to modify and embarrass the local Chevy and
Ford guys at the drag strip.   I think an Audi is the perfect sleeper.   Perhaps
someone could suggest an Audi model that would be best to modify for all out