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(Another) new lister

Hello all Audi and Quattro enthusiasts.

Before I introduce myself I want to thank each and all of you for your
contributions to this list; they have been very informative,
interesting, some entertaining, and have been quite valuable to me. I
have been monitoring the list since September while I searched for the
"right" Quattro to purchase.

As you will note from my email address, I am an Italian-car fan. Have
been all my life, most probably from birth. Since I first got my
driver's license, I have always had an Italian car (some 25 now), and,
God willing, always will. See my "signature" for the current lineup. I
think that I finally have my automotive priorities right: Italian
sportscar (with all due respect to the Ur-Q and Coupe owners out there),
German luxury sedan, and American truck and (since I'm not a fan of
Asian imports) econo-commuter.

So the reason I am posting now is that last week I bought a Quattro. I
actually "found" this particular car this past spring and had been
negotiating with its PO since then. We finally struck a deal last
Thursday and I had the car in my driveway that evening. This weekend was
spent cleaning the car and determining just what I had gotten, and all
that it still needs, which is a lot. The car is a 1989 200 Quattro
Avant, Stone grey over (Graphite?) black, 126k original miles. The PO
bought it new locally (Long Island), registered it to his company, and
probably passed it around among his employees. Late in 1998 the car
experienced clutch problems and was parked at the gas station/repair
shop where I spotted it. Being NY, the car had been vandalized: the
radio (gone), speakers (gone), seats, door panels, dashboard, headliner,
etc. are all damaged, and numerous dents/dings and scratches are
evident. Don't worry - I got it at what I consider a fair price in light
of all its problems compared to the "market value" of others I have seen
for sale, online and locally. I was able to repair some of the damage
already, I think I can handle some other repairs, and please see a
future post for my wish-list of parts. This week I will delve into the
clutch woes - I'm hoping its a hydraulic problem and will not have to
r&r the transmission.

I expect that this list will continue to be a source of inspiration and
information for me, as well as to lend the requisite moral support. Once
I am more well-versed in all things Audi, I will be able to provide the
same for future q-fans writing a letter such as this. So please forgive
me for my Italian-car passion and my email address, and I look forward
to your (and my) contributions to this list.

Shaun Folkerts

1968 Fiat 124 Spider
1975 Fiat 128 SL
1976 Lancia Scorpion
1985 Pininfarina Spider
1987 Ford Escort GLT Wagon
1988 Chevrolet/Grumman car-hauler/camper
1989 Audi 200 Quattro Avant

P.S. Guess I need a copy of the list decal and the "family album" now!!!