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Re: Cheap mech boost gauge????

>Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 13:05:30 -0600
>From: "Daniel Hussey" <dan_hussey@email.msn.com>
>Subject: Cheap mech boost gauge????
>Anyone know where I can find a cheap to moderately priced boost gauge. Want
>0-15psi and vaccum would be nice but not neccessary.  I can't find them
>anywehre and none of the parts stores near me even can get them.  I found an
>Auto Meter one I can get for $85 and the Stillen one is $145, but anyone
>know where I can get one for like $7-$10????  Who is a USG dealer???  If you
>can get one in your area for me, let me know and we'll work out something as
>I know they have one for like $7.

If you're willing to pay a few bucks more you can get a really high quality
gauge from the industrial supply company McMaster-Carr  They sell an
industrial quality, Heavy Duty 2-1/2 inch dia. vac./pressure gauge.  This
unit is made of stainless steel with a polycarbonate faceplate and is
liquid filled for shock resistance and damping. It has a rear 1/4 inch NPT
male connection and meets ASME (ANSI) Class-A accuracy specs. ( =/- 1% over
most of the range). The catalog number for this part is:

	38545K7 (SPECIFY 0-30 Inches Hg./0-15 PSI)
	PRICE:  $20.60 Each (single quantities)

This gauge is also available in a 0-30 Inch/0-30 psi range (for high-boost
nuts) for the same price on request.

McMaster-Carr also sells a plain steel case, non-filled, 2 inch
vac./pressure gauge (model 4004K4) for only $9.02 but this unit may not be
rugged enough for long-term automotive use.

FROM:	McMaster-Carr Supply Company
	600 County Line Road
	Elmhurst, IL  60126-2081
	(630) 834-9600

They do not like to sell to private individuals, so you should try to sound
like a commercial business if you phone.

The author of this post bears no responsibility for anyone who totals his
Quattro while looking at a boost gauge instead of out the windshield!
Please keep at least one eye on the road.