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Re: Wandering Fuel Gauge

Maybe you need a Lithium fuel additive?   <G>

Kneale Brownson

At 10:21 AM 11/1/99 -0500, Alexander van Gerbig wrote:
>    Lately been noticing that the fuel gauge is magically heading towards
>3/4 to Full when the tank is more than half gone.  It has done it 5-6 times
>in the past 2 days.  It isn't hills or dips, just goes up and sometimes
>decides to stay there.  I tapped on it, nothing.  Then it just decides to go
>back to normal on it's own.  I usually just use the little trip odometer
>anyways, but on the odd chance I forget to clear it at the pump the fuel
>gauge is handy for sure.  What could be causing this bi-polar fuel gauge,
>sender, wiring?
>Alexander van Gerbig
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