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winter tire question

Thanks for all the advice regarding ATF changes
etc. I'm still left with one big non-Audi question:

Winter tires (which I've never before had to buy).
While Hakkas seem to be the item of choice,
I'm looking for an alternative due to price and, moreso, 
availability. I'd like something that performs rather 
wonderful in snow, without being utterly ridiculous 
(or fast-wearing) in normal dry or plain wet weather. 
The car in question is a 4070 lb RWD Caprice; its 
old Yoko all-season tires get stuck on an ice cube in 
my <5%-inclined driveway.
Any recommendations? Thank you.
(What about size, BTW? It normally has between 
205/75 and 225/70 tires (7.5x15 wheels), should one get
rather narrow snow tires?)