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Re:4KTQ conversion questions

>1. I figure that I will go with a 5KT motor instead of an UR-Q due to
>cost, availability etc.. 
>What is the best year 5K to harvest from? (By "best" I mean easiest to
>put into the 4K)

Regardless of model year, the conversion is just as difficult except for
the early 5k which have far more simplistic ECU systems.  You may want to
go with a later 5k (86+ I think) which will have a water cooled
turbo.  Only downside of this is finding a home for the afterrun coolant
pump I suppose.. 

>My 4K is an 87, is there any benefit in getting an 87 5KT?

Will make no difference.  You are at a slight advantage since the 85+
4kq's have an afterrun circuit which can be modified to run the afterrun
coolant pump.  Saves from swapping in the 5k system.

>Any years to

Again, I'd go for an 86+ with a water cooled turbo for longevity.

>Does the 5K
>have to be a Quattro? 

Makes no difference other than value of stuff to part out for good

>Manual or Automatic make a difference in the donor?

Buying a manual car will save you from going out and getting a 5kt
flywheel, but often automatics are cheaper to buy.  

>2. To what extent will my current I5 supply parts for the conversion?

basically none.
>I plan to go through the 
>donor motor and was wondering what parts can come from the 4K? CIS
>parts? Ignition? 

the 87 4kq has CIS-E, while the 5kt uses a CIS system (actually more like
CIS-III, but Huw Powell can explain that better than I can).  Not sure if
the coil is the same, but I imagine not.  If you are buying a donor car,
then just use the donor coil. Same goes for the rest of the ignition

>3. How much splicing of wiring harnesses is required? Do people generally
>swap all the 5K 
>wiring and electrionics into the 4K or just splice at the firewall? 

Easiest just to replace most of the electrical system with the 5k harness
and splice where necessary.

>So many questions. My plan is to acquire, harvest, and rebild the donor
>this winter (so I can 
>still drive the 4K in snow!) and do the conversion next summer. Thanks to

My hope is to be finished in time for the MW Hill Climb, but since I
recently lost my job, that's not very likely :-(

Good luck!

Marc Swanson


87 4kcsq  awaiting turbo
87 5ktq   donor (Parting out)