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Re: Speaking of leather ................

You'll find something about it in the archives. My notoriously leaky wetware recalls something about removing the panel and carefully heating the covering with a hair drier while stretching it. The covering is then folded over the panel and stapled or glued to its back side. Don't just glue it down without going through the whole procedure. You'll be unhappy with the result if you do-- BTST. Again, check the archives; don't rely on my shaky/flaky memory.

Larry Mittell

At 08:15 AM 11/01/1999 , you wrote:
>I have an 89 100. The leather on the door panels, at the top near the
>windows, is lifting. Is there a recommendation as to what to use to
>"glue" it back down??. Is Silicone Ok or is there something else I
>should use?
>Thanks again