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RE: re RE: Torsen tech

Kirby, you either have a mind like a steel trap, or....
A trap like a steel mind if you can remember the specifics of this dispute
that far back.  :)

On a more serious note, I've discovered that a keyword search of both Alta
Vista and Encarta using "phologenous" comes up with no "hits."  The closest
I came was "phylogenies" in conjunction with Ernst Heinrich Haekel
(1834-1919) a German biologist and philosopher who apparently building on
the work of Charles Darwin.
To quote Encarta "...In Haeckel's words, "Ontogeny recapitulates
phylogeny"-ontogeny being embryonic development and phylogeny being
evolutionary development. Haeckel's attempts to reconstruct evolutionary
lineages based on embryological development led to phylogenies now known to
be inaccurate. His other ideas were similar mixtures of insight and fallacy.
Nevertheless, many of Haeckel's thoughts foreshadowed developments in modern
No wonder this argument is confusing - I'm not sure any of the parties are
capable of understanding one another!
I'm guessing, that even without a trip on the Beagle, Haekel must have
concluded spiders evolved differently in different hemispheres.  They do
spin their webs backwards don't they?   Sorry for the torsen bandwidth.
Mike P.

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Scott J. wrote, in part, to Dave E:

I'd rather stick to the torsen, that is the discussion.  Once we get done
with that, you are welcome to prove how superior a torsen is to a locker.


This is a surprising statement.  My recollection is that this entire
discussion started with an assertion by Scott that the torsen was inferior
to the locker for racing because of unpredictable behavior at the limit that
Scott later called "spider bite."

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