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Re: bomb light on

Guerin Lee Green wrote:
> 5000tq....
> just replaced all of the power steering hoses with rebuilt ones, ending
> leaks..
> and, 400 miles later, the dreaded orange bomb warning light has come on.
> What to check? What to do? Advice?

Be careful here.  Don't confuse the autocheck symbol that looks like a
bomb with an "X" through it.  That's really supposed to represent a
light bulb.  Bulb w/ an "X" thru it _inside_ the circle of the brake pad
symbol "(O)" is a brake light bulb.
If brake pressure, brake fluid level or Pentosin level gets too low, the
red BRAKE light should come on (same light that's activated for
emergency brake on) - on 'Merican cars, Canadian cars are supposed to
get Autoch