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Re: 4KTQ conversion questions

In message <381F0719.1BB30018@wave.home.com> Martin Pajak writes:

> > Dan Jones told me privately, and I may be misquoting him completely,
> > that the CIS-E fuel dist can only keep up til about 5 lbs of boost - so
> > maybe the "old style" CIS fuel dist in the late 80's 5kt system is
> > capable of delivering more fuel?
> I found similar situation out when swapping the MC engine into the Ur-q.
> The stock Ur-q fuel distributor could not provide enough fuel at anything above
> 7-8psi (the O2 sensor just goes into red).
> It did not "feel" like it was running lean but thanks to that gauge I was able to
> spot it right away.
> Installing the MC fuel distributor and lines/injectors cured the problem.

... which is exactly what Audi did with the MB engine ...

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