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Re: urq registry

Thompson Smith <thompers@together.net> writes:

>Please give Bill Bremer a call (or email) in Cape Elizabeth, ME. He 
>is the chairman for the QCUSA urq registry in the USA, and _should_ have
>the most up to date numbers for these rare cars. 

I doubt that it will ever be possible to get a true head count.  This has
come up here on the Qlist a few times, listers lucky enough to own UrQ's
have them registered as 4000's, Coupe GT's and generic Quats.  Not many
have complained to their local RMV's (DMV some states) because their
excise, sales and other taxes are based on the lower value of the car the
State thinks they own, besides, ever try explaining what a UrQ is to a
petty beaurocrat? I went through this with my V8Q (it had been previously
titled in NH) "I know it's got a V8, but WHAT kind of Audi is it, WHAT
does it say on the back of the trunklid?" On the registration papers and
my excise tax bills it's listed as a Quatt, and I pay roughly the same
excise tax as I do for the '84 5KS...I'm not going to complain, and a
search for V8Q's in the MA database would not include my car.   

The only way to get a true accounting would be to check every VIN in the
country to see which Audi's are really UrQ's.  



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