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trailer hitch


10. Trailer hitch (ideally class II, receiver-type, but what do you

I just finished installing one from Daalan through hitchweb.com.  I would
advise using hitchweb as they were able to act as an intermediary to
straighten out some issues I had.

Be sure to measure and pre-fit before drilling.  I was actually shipped a
"defective" hitch that was half inch to narrow.  Of course they had "never
had this problem before".

Once I got the correct hitch, installation was relatively straighforward,
tho I had to use a few additional washers as spacers.  Also had to cut off
the towing bracket welded to the bumper rail - used combination of sawsall
and dremel tool.

The installation was on my '87 5kcsqt wagon, I expect yours would be similar
if not identical.

Good luck,

Ben Swann
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