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Re:It's Deer season for V8qs

>About five weeks ago I was traveling on I-90 West toward Rochester, NY (NY 
>Thruway) at about 75 mph outside of Syracuse, NY in my 1990 V8q. It was 
>about 6:45 am and I was not quite awake yet. I had a deer dart across my 
>path from my right toward the median. It was apparent that the deer was not 
>going to change direction and was headed my way.

I sympathize with you here as I see a few Bambi bergers to be waiting to 
make the same dash during my 120 mile daily commute in Maine this time of 

Now I'm casually plowing up the grassy shoulder at 70 mph for fall
planting season and I begin to take out the five foot reflector poles
that are spaced about 100 feet apart...
The first one I collect on my front right quarter panel, the second one I 
collect on my right rear door and the third one I collect on my right rear 
quarter panel (and trunk lid) as I SNAP it off at the base.
At about this time I re-enter the highway. As the tires VERY QUICKLYfind 
traction again on the pavement, I shoot across two lanes of trafficand into 
the median. Now I enter a hard left power slide (speed down toabout 50 mph 
at this point) and collect two more reflector poles on myleft front quarter 
panel and left rear door.

Five poles at 100" distant each, did it really take 500ft to stop from only 

>In retrospect, I think I should have just locked them up and let bambi have 
>it! BTW, I did miss the deer.

Hopefully with ABS that wouldn't have happened, but then again maybe the guy 
behind you doesnt have as good a brake setup.

Glad it didn't roll!

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