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Re: Brake/ PS Fluid

Thanx to everyone who helped.  I'm gonna top off the fluid this afternoon
and flush it this weekend.....  :)


At 03:29 PM 11/2/99 -0500, Andrew Duane USG wrote:
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Turlington say:
>> I'm talking about the P.S. resevoir.  Right now the fluid in it is dark
>> color, I think its just the stock Audi fluid.  Is this comparable to
>> Pentosin 7.1 or 11s?  Can the mineral and synthetic fluids be mixed just
>> for a couple days till I flush the whole system???
>The stock Audi fluid is Pentosin.
>The '89 100 used 7.1, the original mineral oil based one. But
>either the 7.1 or 11s will work in it (the new synthetic is
>backward compatible).
>Newer cars that were designed for the 11s synthetic CANNOT
>use the old 7.1 Pentosin.
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