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Re: 944 engine into quattro? (4k,5k)

Being a 944T enthusiast, until my parents put a stop to that, you can
*easily* add about 70 horsepower for ~$1000. I give an estimate that';s
much, much higher than actual to get cost of ancillaries out of the way.
Stuff like turbo hoses and junk. Think 12's 1/4 mile. A very modifiable
engine, just like the 5 cylinder turbo. Ya gotta know what needs to be
done. It's easier on the 944 because the hp parts are available.

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On Tue, 2 Nov 1999 Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 99-11-02 07:08:35 EST, you write:
> << Assuming that the 944 engine will bolt up to the 016 (quattro) tranny, is
>  > this a viable engine swap? If so, which motor would you choose for cost and
>  > hp efficiency?
>   >>
> As to this, I reply....
> Why?  My father owns a 924S race car (putting out somewhere in excess of 
> 175hp) and a 944 Turbo S (Putting out somewhere in excess of 250 hp).  
> However, getting hp out of these engines cost some big bucks.  Like, more to 
> increase hp alone then an entire 5000TQ motor conversion.  I believe the 
> rebuild on my father's race engine ran in excess of 8,000$.  No joke.
> Why not grab a 20v motor if you don't like turbos?  You'll find that the NA 
> 20v is very close, if not equal to, the 924S/944 motor.  
> Later!
> Carter J
> Kwattro@aol.com